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Alejandro Chabán is one of the most well-known celebrities in the world. Recognized for his strength and for transforming his fears and failures into successes and triumphs.

As a teenager, he suffered from obesity, bulimia, and anorexia, weighing 314lbs. He transformed his pain into strength, achieving weight loss and becoming a healthy person.

From being a waiter in Pollo Loco and financially broke, he became the Founder and CEO of Yes You Can!, the phenomenon that has helped thousands of people transform their lives by losing weight and achieving their ideal weight.

From not knowing English and being an immigrant in the US to becoming a New York Times Bestselling author.

From having stage fright to becoming the host of the #1 TV show for Latinos, Despierta América on Univision.

Learn with Alejandro Chabán!

Transform your sadness and insecurities into a completely different reality. It’s time to turn your life around. Fulfill your biggest dreams. Improve your self-confidence and self-esteem. Fall in love with the amazing life you want. This is your moment to defeat your anxieties, worries, and doubts.

Now, through Alejandro Chabán’s new life program, you will learn how to overcome these boundaries in order to have a better future, value all the wonderful things you have, and overall, live in a more happy and positive way.

Learn with Alejandro the power you have within to transform your life!

What are you waiting for? Take action today!


Best Seller Books

“My dear Friend Alejandro Chaban is full of light, love, and Passion. Amazing leader motivating millions of Hispanics around the world to become healthier, happier personally, spiritually, financially. He is dearly loved by me and my whole family. Alejandro is truly a Lion.”

Tony Robbins

“Alejandro is a gift that life has brought to my life. He is restless, awakened, and open minded. He is a fighter who knows no limits. He is an inspiration for those who don’t trust on themselves. He helps them get out of their comfort zone to achieve their dreams. “

Enric Cordera

“Alejandro Chabán was born to be a winner. In the same way that he won the battle towards being overweight, he conquered the business world. Today, he is one of the most powerful young Hispanic entrepreneurs in the United States. I knew him poor and full of dreams. Now, I am inspired by the generosity he has to share the formula that has worked for him and allowed him to fulfill his goals.

What makes him different? It is his commitment to improve himself, his focus, and his constant need to learn every day. Alejandro Chabán is undoubtedly the best example that business tenacity, preparation, and spirit’s enrichment creates human beings who can always say YES YOU CAN!”

Luzmaria Doria

“Alejandro is an amazing messenger – he is young, handsome, energetic, and he’s been there. He knows what it feels like to be at the bottom and crawl himself out physically, emotionally and every which way. We are extremely proud of the work he has done with us at HealthCorps.”

Dr. Oz

“Alejandro Chaban is an enterprising, enthusiastic, and congruent person. Who has managed to transcend thanks to his spirit of perseverance and entrepreneurship. He has proven that everything can be done if you have enthusiasm, faith and passion for what you do. I am infinitely grateful to meet a person with such great goals.”

Cesar Lozano

Success Stories

“I am very grateful to Alejandro Chaban. Thanks to his support I have achieved so many things. Today, I have my own car, my own house, I have the possibility to travel and I am able to economically help my hometown family in Venezuela. This is an enormous satisfaction!”

Luis Samra

“We both emigrated to the USA, after spending a lot of time separated as a couple and from our children. We survived crossing the border while being inside cars and tires with temperatures over 100 degrees. Once we arrived, we felt worthless as our debts and daily stress limited our possibilities. Alejandro Chabán marked the course of our lives. He gave us the tools to plan and dream again. We achieved emotional and financial freedom. He taught us that we are capable of having what we want and that your dreams can come true if you have the courage and desire to eat the world. Dare to dream big. “

Gonzalo y Heidy Noriega

“My family broke up when we moved to the USA, I could not work, my time went off, and my self-esteem was affected. I felt less than everyone. Alejandro gave me the opportunity to start from scratch at the age of 40. His motivating and empowering words helped me believe in myself. I moved to California. I lost the fear of making decisions. I got approved for my first credit card. I was able to rent my own apartment. I overcame the fear of traveling the world alone. I have a job that allows me to grow and develop as a professional supported by a great team of experts that I learn from every day.”

Lismeth Pesce

Frequently Asked Questions

What does transformation mean?
Transformation involves being, virtues and defects, in order to improve
our authenticity.

The first key to transforming ourselves is to be “present” and “open”. To be “present”, it is important to review where we are.

It is important to be clear that a human being can be transformed.

What does change mean?
Transformation and change, they are a process of alteration, and they are not the same thing, because while the first is taking what you have to improve and move forward, the second is a total break with what is in the present, to put something new in its place.
Why is it important to learn to transform ourselves?
Because change is present, and we are leaders of our life: emotions, thoughts and essence. Transformation is the path to personal, financial and professional success.
What is your Comfort Zone?
The comfort zone is that mental place in which we are accustomed, and even asleep, comfortable and do not think about changing anything in our lives.

But being comfortable is not necessarily good. We have been trapped for a long time on our own habits, recurring thoughts, and emotions

Comfort zone is the limit we place ourselves.



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