Success Stories

“My husband and I arrived at the USA as an immigrant with many dreams to fulfill, but those dreams were extinguished. My last priorities were my health and nutrition because of the stress and the fast lifestyle we experienced. Now, I am very grateful to Alejandro Chabán, he empowered me day by day to achieve my goal. Today I enjoy more time with my family, I grew spiritually and emotionally. I also had the possibility of helping my mom with a new car.”
Patry Compres

“Before I met Alejandro Chabán, I was a housewife, I felt unsuccessful. I worked in a bakery, as a waitress, I cleaned houses, I sold clothes, I prepared food and nothing left me the income I needed. Thanks to Alejandro’s motivation and determination, I help my husband financially, had the opportunity to take my children to Disney, travel and enjoy in restaurants without having to limit ourselves to see the price chart.”
Evelyn Sandoval

“Alejandro not only changed my life but also my whole family. He supported me and guided me out of conformism. Today, I feel liberated to fight for my dreams. My daughters are proud of my physical and economic achievements. Now, I am able to financially help my husband. Alejandro opened a door of opportunities and showed me “There are always new ways to take”
Claudia Beltran