A blog post by: Alejandro Chabán

Have you ever asked yourself how to NOT react in front of certain difficult circumstances during your process?

“Life is full of tempting impulses and if we let those impulses control the choices we make on our journey, we’ll never be able to reach out goal. They will knock us off track. That’s where willpower comes in. You can control those small impulses and behaviors so that you can reach your goal. That strength, that power, is within you. If you goal is to lose weight and someone offers you a slice of cake, you are the one who gets to decide if you fall off the wagon and eat the cake of whether you’ll hold steadfast. That decision comes from your willpower. It’s what helps us overcome the obstacles in our journey and keeps us heading toward our goals.



Remember that your WILLPOWER is what pushes you to overcome each and every obstacle and pushes you closer and closer to your goal. If you sometimes ask yourself, “well, where’s my willpower? Where does it hide? How do I find it when I need it the most?” When you find yourself in these situations, before coming up with an answer, STOP for a moment and THINK ABOUT YOUR GOAL. The #willpower is INSIDE OF YOU! ? It’s actually a decision you can choose to make, on your very own.

Find a feeling that moves you, that inspires you, a goal that reminds you of your process and #transformation and GRASP on to THAT and find the STRENGTH from THERE. You won’t even believe it but you’ll see that that you already have what it takes.

Just rememeber #YESYOUCAN!