A blog post by: Alejandro Chabán

Having doubts about reaching the goals you’ve set for yourself? Below are 5 #ChabánTips to help you regain your #selfesteem and be able to believe in yourself once again.

  1. Train your mind
    Every time you realize that you’re having negative thoughts about yourself, force yourself to list AT LEAST 3 incredible qualities that you have! This way, your brain will get used to thinking of something positive every time something negative comes along.

  3. Write it down
    If and when you start to doubt yourself, write down the reasons that are making you have doubts, afterwards, read them and ask yourself: “Is this really true?”. You’ll be surprised in realizing how ridiculous and inoffensive our fears can be once we read them out loud.

  5. Recognize your accomplishments
    Make a list of all the things you’ve accomplished in the past and everything that you’ve done correctly lately. Make sure the list keeps growing on a daily basis. Write down whatever you’ve accomplished with dedication and hard work. It can be anything from completing a recipe you’ve tried for the first time or fulfilling a hard earned day at work!

  7. Get inspired!
    Surround yourself with people, books and situations that make YOU feel good and motivate you to reach your personal goals. Stay away from toxic habits or that which depresses you and causes you anxiety. Learn to identify that which propels you and that which limits you.

  9. Reward yourself
    Give yourself a prize after each accomplishment! Did you finish your workout without cheating? Reward yourself with a few extra minutes of rest or enjoy something after the workout that you’ll be sure to make you smile!

Remember, it’s never too late to start believing in yourself again. You’re not what YOU THINK you are. You have the capacity to change, to evolve and to prove to yourself that bad habits DIE HARD.