A blog post by: Alejandro Chabán

How many times have you created an excuse to avoid your gym routine?

It is normal! Human beings justify their actions, to avoid doing what they have to do… just because they don’t like to do it.

Our brain is very creative. Sometimes, we believe those excuses.

Have you ever wondered “why I believe those excuses”? These are possible causes.

  • You’re looking for instant gratification: it’s more convenient to see social networks than to exercise.
  • You live with the fear of not achieving it or not doing it well.
  • You choose the easy way and an excuse is very easy to create
  • You like to postpone your daily tasks. You think tomorrow you will have more time. You believe that productivity will be higher at another time.
  • You see the result, so far away. Achieving that summer body perhaps requires several sessions, and you like an immediate reward.

It is time to face them!

  • Before you believe the excuse, ask yourself if it is true?
  • Recognize that it is an excuse and ignore it.
  • Take action and promise not to believe more excuses

The discomfort is temporary, the time habit is part of your life, the process will be easier.

With Love,