A blog post by: Alejandro Chabán

How much do you think 5 minutes can affect you?

Maybe if we had a long day, 5 minutes to rest will not be enough, or if you start reading your favorite book, the 5 minutes will fly by.

Although it sounds crazy, 5 minutes in your life are very important. They can change a person’s life and move you away or closer to your goal.

Those 5 minutes are small steps that create a new path.

The key is to break resistance and take action. Taking the first step is not easy. You will have thousands of excuses and distractions.

Standing up from your couch, putting on your shoes, arriving at the gym and train is a process you have to take.

The key is breaking the resistance!

Avoid stopping, to think or decide. Keep it in action, don’t let the speed to slow down. Don’t overthink “Can I do it or nor?” just do it. For example, in the case of exercising, you can choose to go directly to the gym after school or work. Avid a stop at your home, because the temptation can be higher.

The action is equal to the progress.

Some of you might be thinking:: “Chaban, I do not have time”

If you go to your work on public transport, I am sure you have plenty of “5 minutes.” Instead of being on Instagram, take advantage of that time.

I am sure, you have 5 minutes before you go to sleep!

What if you got up five minutes early to do what you want and be closer to your goal?

Take action today …

  • Think about where you can save 5 minutes of your time.
  • Make a list of the small actions you can take today and tomorrow.
  • Commit yourself to what you wrote to do
  • Try to wake up 5 minutes every day this week and see how this works for you.

With Love,